Project: NextGen-21/aNGie-21
Character name: "Angelica Ayako Mizukawa"
Aya is the first character I made back to 2001, and this is the latest version 7 of her, based on Daz Aiko 4 figure. The most successful (meaning, the one I like the most) is the G-Class version 6, and the revision 9 of version 6 was the perfect one to me. I developed version 7 not because I wasn't not satisfied with 6, but just follow the market trend that started to shift, although slowly, to A4 standard. Furthermore, after finish this one, suddenly the version 6 started to look weird to me :D
The official project name was NextGen-21, derrived from Next Generation in R-Class (Reborn) line-up, but abbreviated as NG-21 which has same spell as "Angie". So that another nickname "aNGie" was used for her, and she also has a completely a new name but still retained Aya identity
Revision history: